Design and decorate its attic

The design of the attic is a huge project when you start renovating. In the bedroom, in the games room or even in a large guest room with bathroom, everything is possible to arrange the attic under slope. Here we give you some ideas for the design and decoration of the attic, a space more privileged than we think.

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  • Attic layout: what to do with a slope space?
    • Distinctive feature of the sloping space
    • Arranging its attic into a room A relaxation area and storage
  • attic and games room

Attic layout: what to do with a slope space?

The layout of a sloping space, with exposed wood frame, is the challenge of interior decoration. And this challenge will lie in the circumvention of constraint, know the slope.

To develop its old attic into a real room of life in its own right is quite possible, with a little elbow oil and imagination. But before the work, it makes sense to draw up a plan, and put your ideas flat, so that everyone agrees on the design of the attic.

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Particularity of slope space

The space of the attic under slope implies that you will not be able to stand on the entire surface of the attic. It is therefore necessary to think about making an optimized attic layout , for free movement where space is available, and ancillary features where space is lacking in height.

The exposed and through-beam ceilings are ideal for giving a warm feel to your attic. Mount partitions if necessary, consider the insulation at the floor, and feel free to leave elements of apparent frame, if you can, for a unique stamp.

To develop its attic in a room

Guest room or master bedroom? You have all the leisure to really have fun with the layout of your attic.

Feel free to mount partitions to separate the space logically and functionally. In a loft space, a light partitioning allows to structure the space and offer cocooning spaces, more intimate for a guest room or a master bedroom.

Free to install a small bathroom in your attic, depending on the configuration of your attic and the house.

A relaxation area and storage

Allow yourself to create a relaxing and zen area, with cushions, sofas, carpets and ottomans. For your attic to live, must be rhythmic of aesthetic and functional places.

Under slope, the ideal will be to install custom cupboards to store your belongings. You also have the option of installing a dressing room. Don’t forget to create openings in the roof for maximum light in a space originally confined.

Attic and games room

Developing an attic and its attic in a games room allows everyone to find themselves in a space without fear of making noise! Once the roof openings are created, the electricity managed and the insulation implemented (floor and roof), place for decoration!

Your games room can accommodate spaces dedicated to sports (gym, yoga…). As for the style of your decoration, an attic is often symmetrical. Feel free to give peps to this place. If the space is dark, opt for suitable lighting and fixtures .

If your playroom is dedicated to children, then treat yourself to the colors of furniture, carpets, curtains… A central island can be quite a playtable for the whole family. The goal is to make this space very friendly, and to make you want to go there.

Finally, a storage room can be seen very well in your attic, with custom-made furniture, wardrobes and cupboards adapted to your need.

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