Dedecorate the baby room from floor to ceiling

Baby is coming soon, it’s time to look at the decoration of her child’s room. From floor to ceiling, how to make a beautiful decoration of the baby’s room? Here we give you some ideas to remake this piece essential to your child’s development.

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  • Prepare for the Baby’s room: home
  • Baby room floor: the beginning
  • Baby room furniture: functional and pretty
  • Baby room walls: what decor?
  • Light fixtures and decorative objects for baby

Preparing Baby’s Room: Welcome

Welcoming Baby is an important moment that includes the preparation of the decoration of your baby’s room. This room will then become his children’s room, more reason to do things well so as not to let yourself be taken classes.

Because motherhood and fatherhood also go through preparing for Baby’s arrival, preparing your baby’s room and redecorating the floor to ceiling can be an opportunity to do things right. Find all our tips and decorative tips for your baby’s room below!

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Floor baby room: the beginning

So let’s start with the floor of the nursery. The choice of coating and decoration is important. Comfort, aesthetics… Decorative floor can stimulate baby awakening: opt for a large, soft playmat for decoration, for example.

Carpets with animals, color tiles or nature patterns are perfect for your child’s awakening.

Make sure that the floor in your baby’s room is not rough, for the safety of his first steps. Otherwise, do renovations, pinching, painting or laying decorative lino patterned, if necessary. Carpet is not recommended forhygiene reasons (mites, microbes, dirt, etc.).

Furniture baby room: functional and pretty

Furniture is essential elements of decoration for your baby’s room:

  • The baby cot : it must be chosen carefully, for safety but also to respect your tastes. Don’t forget the mobile dodo! At the very beginning, the cradle will have to have sufficient space around. Be sure to arrange a cozy place with everything at hand.
  • The changing table : essential and practical, the changing table is essential for the first years of the nursery. Be sure to choose a height that suits you and will not hurt your back.
  • Storage : for clothes, business and toys, of course, you need storage furniture. Boxes, toy boxes, shelves, chests of drawers… Everything can be used. Be sure to attach the drawer chests to the wall to avoid tipping.

Walls baby room: what decor?

For the walls of your baby’s room, preferably opt for pastel shades. The softness is needed to promote a good sleeping environment for Baby. Bright colors will be reserved for awakening, games and toys.

White is timeless. Add decorative touches, such as patterns, stickers or paint. Sobriety is always preferable to visual overload in terms of colors, patterns, in a bedroom, which remains a place where you sleep.

Forest, sea, mountain or country motifs in pastel colours can be found easily.

Luminaires and decorative objects for

The luminaire that will be able to make a night light in the room is indispensable, it will reassure the child and will be part of his sleep ritualbaby .

For other light fixtures, opt for cute decoration, oriented baby and children! All the decor for baby participates in her awakening and stimulation of his imagination: treat yourself!

Include photo frames : this step is great for the decoration of the baby’s room but also for awakening.

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