Declaration of Purchase of a Vehicle: The Guide

Provisionally replacing the definitive registration certificate for the time of a sale, the declaration of purchase of a used car or vehicle is reserved exclusively for automotive professionals : garage shop, dealer, trading company, etc. resale of each new vehicle acquired, it is this document that gives it the opportunity to carry out the traditional registration procedures without having to modify the grey card. The declaration of purchase of a vehicle thus constitutes a time-saving service for the car professional and thus allows him a much greater transaction fluidity.

What are the mandatory deadlines for completing a vehicle purchase declaration?

Not required to register the vehicles they buy in the name of their company, car professionals areobliged to make adeclaration of purchase of used cars and vehicles in order to justify the ownership of each of them. The procedure for declaring the purchase of a car or any other vehicle by a car dealer, dealer or any automotive professional must therefore be carried out within 15 days of the acquisition of the vehicle by filling out the form Cerfa 13751*02 which must be signed and sealed and returned to the prefecture or sub-prefecture accompanied by the grey card crossed out and signed by the former owner of the car or vehicle as well as a KBIS extract from the car company . The easiest and fastest for him today remains to make an online purchase declaration.

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The receipt of declaration of purchase of a used vehicle and the W GARAGE certificate

When the declaration of purchase of a used vehicle is made by a professional car, a declaration receipt is sent to him. However, the purchase registration will not be sufficient to bring the vehicle into service for an automotive professional UNLESS the latter can attest to a W GARAGE certificate .

This certificate offers the possibility, under certain conditions, of Provisional entry into service of the acquired vehicle in order to enable potential buyers to carry out road tests with the latter. The same certificate is also intended to cover the vehicle that will need to drive on public roads in order to verify the effectiveness of any repairs carried out on it.

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Renewable every year, the W GARAGE certificate is valid throughout France.

What documents should the automotive professional provide in case of resale of a vehicle?

When the resale of a vehicle comes, the professional, whether a car dealer, dealer or otherwise must be able to provide the buyer with the following documents:

  • The grey card of the vehicle (either in the name of the former owner or on behalf of his company)
  • A receipt of purchase declaration
  • The Cerfa 15776*01 declaration of transfer of the signed and stamped vehicle of the company
  • The certificate of non-pledge of the used vehicle (certificate of administrative status)
  • A valid technical inspection

What documents should the individual buyer be able to present to the professional?

If an individual wishes to purchase a used vehicle at a car dealership or a licensed car dealer, they must be able to substantiate the following documents:

  • A copy of the driver’s license
  • A certificate of insurance for the future vehicle
  • A proof of residence of less than 6 months
  • An application for a certificate registration for the vehicle (Cerfa13750*05)

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