Cost of an eco-friendly or passive home

The construction of an ecological house makes many inhabitants dream. But between comfort and protection of the planet, what is the real cost of an ecological or passive home? Is building an eco-friendly house more expensive than a conventional house construction? The update on the ecological house.

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  • Ecological house construction: how much does it cost?
    • The budget for an ecological home
    • The criteria for your budget green house
  • Make the cost of your green home

Ecological house construction: how much does it cost?

An ecological house will differentiate itself in an essential way with a so-called classic or traditional house in the construction sector. Insulation, energy used, wood stove, water recovery system, Environmentally friendly ecological materials , energy performance, wood frame, thermal or solar technology… Homes in eco-construction or eco-renovation, do have a price.

Many people think that an eco-friendly house costs much more than a so-called classic and traditional home. Yes, the cost of buying an eco-friendly house will bring you to a total price of 10% to 30% higher than for a classic home. The price will, of course, vary depending on the options chosen.

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The budget to be provided for an eco-friendly home

Your budget green house will include:

  • The big work;
  • Second-work;
  • Finishes.

Count about 1 000 euros to 3,000 euros per square meter for a single storey house. A house with floor will be more expensive and leads usually an extra cost of 10 -15%.

If you decide to embark on self-construction or eco-friendly renovation (straw, for example), you reduce the cost of your ecological home: between 800 euros and 1,200 euros per square meter. That said, in order to enjoy optimal living comfort and an interior in which you are good, it is important to know the area well . In fact, embarking on a project to build an ecological or passive house can also lead to pitfalls.

For this reason, being advised by professionals of eco-friendly house construction provides access to valuable professionalism.

If you decide to go through a builder of ecological houses, add the price of second-work work (electricity and plumbing). Professionals of the eco-friendly home are able to accompany you to help you adviser. Their expertise in the field is verified and accredited, you have no doubt about your ecological home project.

Criteria for your budget green house

There are many criteria to consider for your budget:

  • The area of the house ecological;
  • The nature, quality and provenance of environmentally friendly materials;
  • The cost of labor

In order to get a fair idea of the price of a passive house or an ecological house for purchase, it is advisable to make representations with several companies. Comparing ecological house quotes is essential if you want to have a global vision of your real estate project and thus better manage it.

Make the cost of your green home profitable

It seems useful to introduce you to all the advantages of a home ecological. Its principle is to make you consume less and better in terms of energy, thus preserving the planet while reducing your energy consumption bill over the long term.

The qualities of the ecological house are, among other things:

  • Its long-term profitability;
  • The potential added value of your habitat;
  • Better energy performance;
  • Efficient insulation through the use of renewable energy (or more);
  • A pleasant and almost constant temperature and warmth all year round thanks to your optimal insulation;
  • The possibility of producing its own hot water;
  • The addition of solar technology or thermodynamic water heater;
  • Energy storage and resale;
  • Very low heating and air conditioning requirements;
  • An invoice reduced electricity by 50%;

The construction of an ecological house is entitled to tax advantages, reduced VAT or even a property tax exemption . Ask about your ecological house construction project!

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