Choosing your clearomizer

You’re a fan of the vape? When you are a regular vaper, it is important to choose your electronic cigarette clearomizer properly. But how to make the right choice and what are the criteria to know for a good clearomizer?

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  • How a clearomizer works Clearomizer (or clearo)
  • Clearomizer: an available technology that evolves fast
  • The criteria for choosing a good clearomizer
  • The clearomizer: many brands to test
    • Clearomizer Eleaf, Aspire, Vaporesso, Innokin, Nautilus, etc.

Operation of a clearomizer (or clearo)

A clearomizer is simply an atomizer that has a transparent tank, hence its name (clear). A clearomizer contains a resistance (sometimes several resistors) that change or not, depending on the models. Depending on what criteria one chooses a good clearomizer?

The clearomizer works simply : the tank contains the liquid of your choice. This one, by capillarity, will be brought to the resistive thread, usually through a cotton or silica wick. The battery of your electronic cigarette provides an electric impulse: the resistive wire then heats the liquid and turns it into steam. All clearomizers have this basic system.

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Clearomizer: an available technology that evolves fast

It should be noted that technologies related to clearomizers are evolving: The newer the models, the more efficient the resistances are, with less risk of “craming”. Recent resistance will produce more steam and better restore the aromas .

If you buy yourself a clearomizer that is a standard and rather classic model, be sure to ask when the model of the resistance as this can make the difference in your vape experience.

The different families of clearomizers are:

  • standard clearomizer, small or large diameter
  • direct inhalation clearomizer
  • Indirect Inhalation Clearomizer
  • the versatile clearomizer

Already, this makes you make a choice by elimination. Standard clearomizers are rapidly evolving and are now fully adapted and compatible with the electronic boxes offered. Do not hesitate to talk around you about your desire to change clearomizer: the opinions of each other will be interesting to take into account.

Criteria for choosing a good clearomizer

A clearomizer will judge himself above all on the quality of its resistance. Other criteria may be taken into account when choosing a clearomizer


  • small diameter or large diameter clearomizer
  • the capacity of the clearomizer tank
  • limited and available clearomizer model?
  • Resistance: what power in ohm
  • compatibility with any liquid
  • simplified filling
  • Leak-proof system available
  • Pleasant side of inhalation, different depending on the clearomizers
  • Aesthetics of the cartridge, pod or tank (black, silver, etc.)
  • Airflow adjustment available
  • drip tip available, etc.

Depending on your requirements, you quickly determine what’s right for you in terms of quality and duration of electronic clearomizer.

The clearomizer: many brands to test

Clearomizer brands are more or less equal: Aspire, Vaporesso, Eleaf, Innokin, Nautilus, Joyetech, Airflow, Melo, etc. your tastes in terms of aesthetics and vaping experience. A clearomizer is an object that accompanies you everywhere: as much as it looks like you!

Clearomizer and liquid compatibilities are important: the composition of the liquid will determine its consistency. On a low-potent clearomizer, it will be advisable to take a more fluid liquid (higher level of PG. On a more powerful and efficient clearomizer, you can take a thicker liquid with a high level of VG .

Clearomizer Eleaf, Aspire, Vaporesso, Innokin, Nautilus, etc.

Whether you are buying a clearomizer Aspire, Vaporesso, Eleaf, Innokin, Nautilus, Joyetech, Airflow, Melo or any other brand, so it’s worth determining which type of vaper you are first. The quality of your clearomizer will also depend on its strength and brand. That said, some brands are very sharp. A beginner in vape will not choose the same clearomizer as a confirmed vapoteur . You can always make the purchase of a beginner clearomizer kit if you do not know too much how to choose, depending on the criteria of clearomiseur given-above.

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