Choosing the right paint of the baby’s room

Baby is coming soon and you are in the stage of preparing her room. When it comes to choosing the paint of the baby’s room, one can not choose any paint. Colours, quality, decoration and ideas… We give you some tips to soften this Baby reception area.

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  • Baby room: the choice of color Color
  • baby room and symbolic
  • Deco baby room
    • with paint Associate paint to baby furniture
  • Paint the nursery: matte or satin?
  • Lack of inspiration for a baby room decoration?

Baby room: the choice of color

Choosing the color of your baby’s room paint is essential. This is a place in which you are brought to spend a lot of time, and baby too. Boy or girl, color sets the tone to the room. Blue or pink? Colours are not limited only to gender!

Let your creativity go: the color should be soothing and soft, in order to promote falling asleep, tranquility, whether for Baby or for you, by the way. A base of white, cream or ecru is always a good choice. The decor that will go with the painting of the Baby’s room can then add pastel touches .

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Bright colors : in the baby’s room, we recommend bright color for small objects, decoration in addition, stickers, etc.

Baby room colour and symbolic

The trick painting therefore lies in choosing a soft color for the base: light blue, light gray, ecru, cream, off-white. It is not recommended to paint the entire nursery with warm, vivid and vibrant colors, for the simple reason that you risk getting tired of it quickly.

Any color indeed carries in it a vibration and a strong symbolic. Blue and white promote falling asleep, while warm colors promote dynamics .

Opt for a neutral paint color as a base. Thus, you will be more able to combine different colors in addition to the base paint color. The cozy atmosphere is at its peak: have you chosen your basic paint for your child? Let’s go for small decorative improvements, which can also be done with painting!

Deco baby’s room to paint

Why not embark on decorative painting ? Everything is allowed: do not hesitate to create landscapes. Forest, animals, sea, countryside or even small village… The additions of flat paint to create Scenery silhouettes make happy.

Get inspired with pleasure from the zen and everything that is cocooning atmosphere . Baby will be rocked by this atmosphere and will grow up in a room filled with beautiful vibrations and best intentions!

Associate paint with baby furniture

Harmony is the keyword of painting the baby’s room. Your child will flourish peacefully in a room whose furniture has color reminders , for example. You want at least classic? Nothing prevents you from standing out and placing more vivid colorful touches. Watch out for color overload.

There are no shortage of ideas for decoration:

  • Dress up your wooden furniture with paint, to harmonize
  • Lay stickers on furniture with color reminders or painted silhouettes
  • Cushions, Beanbags, carpets, curtains and bedding can also contribute to the harmony of colors in the bedroom

Our painting advice : choose 3 tones, but no more, so as not to create too strong a cognitive load for you and the child.

Paint the baby’s room: matte or satin?

The main thing is to create a beautiful atmosphere of harmony between the bed, wall (or all walls), floor, ceiling, furniture. The interior of the room then reflects softness and tranquility.

It is advisable to choose at all matte or satin finish. Mix the two can quickly do too much.

Lack of inspiration for a baby room decoration?

Today it is very easy to find photos of beautifully decorated children’s rooms, in the pages of decorating magazines or on specialized sites. On the other hand, it’s much more It is complicated to reproduce this decoration in the same way in your own room. Indeed, it is rare, see impossible to have the exact list and references of all objects and paintings that have been used for the photo. You will therefore have to patiently search the sticker, the pouf or the bed on the internet. This is a real work of ants that will take you a lot of time, and also most often, a huge amount of money. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can go to a site specializing in decorating children’s room.

For example, you find beautiful decoration ideas on the site You can buy both the sticker and the cushion, not to mention the lamp so that you can make a dream room for your child. In addition to finding everything you need on the same site, you can, if you wish, customize the objects with his first name, all with a 100% French manufacture. Finally, you should be aware that if you have any doubt about a colour, you can receive samples, with a stamped envelope. You will have put all the chances on your side to successfully decorate your dreams.

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