Can we recover data after formatting a hard drive ?

Formatting is an operation that involves deleting multiple data at once. It is often done to free up space on an overloaded device or install a new operating system. In this case, data deemed important are copied to another digital medium. However, you can fail to save important files. Fortunately, with some tricks and recovery software, one can still recover deleted data.

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What is formatting really about?

Formatting is the preparation of a computer data medium such as a hard drive so that it can logically record the data. There are two types of formatting: low-level and high-level formatting.

  • The Low-level formatting still designated by physical formatting prepares the hard drive to receive data. It is carried out at the factory at the time of manufacturing the hard drive to record the geometric characteristics .
  • High-level formatting creates a file system on the hard drive so that software can store files on disk. It can be performed by the user.

Formatting is a quick and convenient way to delete multiple files in various folders at once. This is the best alternative to get rid of files that can’t be deleted with the simple deletion option. However, when done in error or without precaution, it can cause data loss.

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When formatting is done, it first removes the file headers and paths . This is a removal of the allocation system, which allows you to have access to files in normal time. Files are still present on the hard drive, but not accessible. In order to access the files, it is necessary to resort to data recovery software after formatting.

How to recover data after formatting?

The first thing to do is to disassemble the storage unit immediately. This prevents the media from making an untimely writing. It is very important to do this in order to be able to recover your files, especially if the formatted partition is the system partition.

Once this is done, you can use software to recover the data you have lost. The software is to be installed on another workstation to which you connect the hard drive in slave mode. Then proceed to the deep scan of the hard drive to get the list of files.

After that, you need to choose a file system for data restoration. The system varies depending on the operating system: Fat 32 or NTFS for Windows, Ext3/4 for Linux, and HFS for Mac OS X.

In addition, there are some files that are not really deleted and can be recovered without resorting to specialized software. Despite the fact that one can use recovery software to recover an unsaved word file, there is another alternative. Just access the hidden files by following this path Tools menu, “Options folders”, the “View” tab and the option “Show hidden files”. At this level, simply rename the TMP files to.DOC and you’re done.

It is indeed possible to recover data after formatting a hard drive. For this, it is enough to find the right software.

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