Can we do work on Sundays?

Sometimes, we have no choice but to do work on Sundays, due to a busy life, between work and children. This involves making noise, depending on the nature of the work you intend to do. Is it possible to do work on Sundays, and at what times can it be done without risking problems with neighbors? Return on the possibilities, as well as your rights and duties.

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  • Works and noise pollution on weekends
    • What schedules for work on Sunday?
  • Respecting the Neighbourhood and
    • Doing Its Work Daytime Tapage: What the Law Says

Works and noise disturbances on weekends

The law is clear. When it comes to doing work, no, you can’t do anything, anyhow and anytime. For the purpose of respecting the neighbourhood and in order to maintain a good understanding, it is important to comply with the law. Even if you are in the middle of renovation of your home or apartment, don’t think just of yourself: living together is essential!

According toarticle 1334-31 of the Public Health Code :

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“ No particular noise shall, by its duration, repetition or intensity, undermine the tranquility of the neighbourhood.”

Any act can therefore be considered a noise nuisance by your neighbors, if the noise emanating from it lasts, repeats itself, is intense and undermines the tranquility of the neighborhood. Of course before getting there, good understanding between neighbors is to be preferred. The basic rules of politeness help us: prevent, announce, leave messages, warn (simply) helps to promote understanding between neighbors .

What timetables for work on Sundays?

If the agreement is difficult, be aware that schedules are planned for your work:

  • Book your work on working days
  • Recommended hours: 8 am — 12 pm/3 pm — 8 pm Monday to Friday
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. — 12 p.m./3 p.m. — 7 p.m.
  • Sundays and public holidays: it is technically possible to do work between 10 am and 12 pm.

To be sure of what engages you and local prohibitions, go to the town hall of your municipality. Indeed, decisions are local and specified in municipal by-laws , which can be consulted on site in the town hall or on the website of the municipality.

Respect the neighbourhood and do its work

With a minimum (or even maximum) of common sense, in general, anyone arranges to minimize noise that may be perceived as daytime tapage. For your work, we give you some tips to stay accommodating with neighbors while continuing to move forward.

If you need to use drill or sander, do it instead on Saturdays . These activities and tools make noise: it would be a pity to break neighbourhood relations by placing heavy emphasis on the fact that it is possible to do work on Sundays between 10 am and noon…

On Sundays, give preference to silent activities:painting, plasters to lay . By consciously choosing to take into account the daily well-being of all your neighbors, you establish a relationship of trust over the long term, an asset when you need neighbors to monitor the apartment or house: think about it in humility and wisdom, to promote good understanding.

Tip : even for work activities rather silent, feel free to warn neighbors. The gesture and attention will be appreciated and should be returned to you in the future as a way of respect and thanks.

Daytime Tapage: What the Law Says

What is called “daytime tapage” is really a matter of noise to take seriously. Faced with a non-comprehensible neighbor who does his work without respect for the neighborhood and schedules, you can quite call the police and make the fuss noticed. A bit extreme… A fine of up to 108 euros can be imposed on the person who created the diurnal fuss.

Prosecutions may also be instituted in more serious cases of exaggeration and persistence. Yes, know, failure to respect the tranquility of Sunday is punishable.

Remember : the negotiation and respect open more doors than a raster on Sunday…

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