BTS: all about the Higher Technician’s Patent

You have graduated from the Bac and want to orient yourself? The BTS can match you, both in orientation and reorientation training. But what exactly is the BTS? This is the Senior Technician’s Patent. This diploma opens many doors, and sometimes not the ones we thought about at first glance. You are told everything you need to know about the Senior Technician Patent (BTS).

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  • BTS Definition
    • The BTS in a short session of 1 year
  • The BTS training
    • Specificity of the BTS
    • Teaching in BTS Training
    • Alternating
    • BTS End exams
  • Which BTS to choose?
    • Registration in BTS
  • Opportunities after a BTS Training

Definition of BTS

A BTS is a Senior Technician’s Patent. This is a school training specific to the French education system. The training of BTS results in a certifying and national diploma , recognised by the State. Training to obtain a BTS lasts two years and offers a variety of areas of learning in three main areas of activity.

The areas targeted by the BTS are the tertiary sector (services), the industrial sector and the agricultural sector . Most BTS run two years, but some require one year of upgrade, particularly in the hospitality and arts sector.

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The BTS in a short session of 1 year

If you wish to benefit from a training arrangement, you can also follow the BTS curriculum and pass the diploma in one year. The selection to benefit from this adaptation of BTS curricula is very targeted. If you benefit, a short version and a condensed BTS training are then offered to you. You effectively complement your knowledge and skills in the desired field of activity.

After a BTS, regardless of the duration of the training, the student graduates and operates in his field of training. It is then possible to continue his studies by choosing a Bac 3 course or even a Bac 5.

BTS training

Some 200 different BTS exist in France and are spread over the agricultural, tertiary and industrial sectors. They form to a very varied set of trades. The content of the teaching of any BTS is strictly regulated by the National Education. However, you have the choice between doing your BTS in public or private institutions: education and training will be of the same quality.

Specificity of BTS

The training of BTS has many advantages. It places the student directly at the heart of his favorite professional sector . The student follows his training in theory and practice courses that are immersive and qualitatively prepare him for professional life in the company.

During the two years of teaching, several internships in the company are to be carried out and planned within the BTS training. Students have the choice between internships in France or abroad, which is a real chance.

A BTS is a concrete training that has a reputation for not being too theoretical. The path to employment is sometimes even simpler when leaving BTS than after obtaining a university degree, more academic and sometimes too devoid of practice and unprofessional. However, this depends on the professional chosen and does not constitute a general fact.

Education in training BTS

Moreover, the BTS is a training considered flexible, because it is very close to and constantly adapting to the reality of the field. The teaching of BTS is taught by trainers who are very aware of the professional reality of all the fields concerned and effectively direct students to concrete.

By integrating a course with the Certificate of Higher Technician, the student prepares to take 30 to 40 hours of weekly classes , not counting work at home. The BTS training is intense but effective. Add to this the folders and projects to be rendered, periods of internships (BTS trainees) or alternating periods (alternating BTS).

Alternating BTS

It is increasingly possible to do your BTS training alternately , but not all areas offer this opportunity yet. In the tertiary sector, this opportunity is more widespread, especially in sales, tourism, human resources, or in industry (IT, logistics, etc.).

It is good to know that more and more companies are looking for alternates, who are generally more motivated than ordinary trainees.

BTS End Examinations

Two years pass very quickly. Students must pass a dozenwritten or oral exams in order to validate their Certificate of Senior Technician. Work regularly, seriously and you should get your Senior Technician Patent.

Which BTS to choose?

Unless you have completely turned to a reorientation after the Bac, the choice of the BTS is usually made according to the sector chosen in high school and the type of Bac passed and obtained.

If you are in reorientation and have worked a little bit, make your choice of BTS based on your work experience . Before you register in BTS training, your school record is studied as well as your motivations and your profile.

Don’t panic if you are in a professional retraining; your motivations and profile matter enormously.

Examples of BTS choices:

  • Scientific degree: possibility of aeronautical BTS, engineer…
  • Literary degree: possibility of BTS communication, insurance, or publishing…
  • Bac ES: possibility of BTS accounting or international trade…

Registration in BTS

In a private establishment, you sometimes have until mid-September to choose your BTS, by going directly to the property. To join a public institution, you use Simply browse for your BTS registration.

Opportunities after a BTS training

Once a graduate of the Certificate of Higher Technician, a student has the choice of moving towards work and employment, or to pursue his studies . The majority (56%) of BTS graduate students choose working life on a job search. If the internships or alternation went well and the company seeks to recruit, the job is all found.

For students wishing to complete a further study, the professional license allows you to obtain a Bac 3. Secondly, it is even possible thanks to the bridges (parallel admission) to integrate business and engineering schools. The General Licence is then possible in addition to the training of BTS, as well as the Master if the student is ready to go further.

Just remember that, contrary to accepted ideas about the BTS, there are many opportunities available . BTS training can serve as a springboard for employment as it can serve as a professional stepping stone to higher degrees of higher education.

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