Boiler maintenance: tenant or owner?

Are you a tenant or landlord? Who does the maintenance of the gas boiler in the apartment or house you rent? The law is clear about this: you are told everything about the maintenance of the boiler in individual housing.

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Item plan

  • Obligation to maintain a boiler: to whom does it come to?
  • Boiler maintenance: what you need to know
  • Repairs and annual control of the boiler
  • Tenant: I did not maintain my boiler
  • What kind of boiler maintenance to choose?

Obligation to maintain a boiler: who does it come to?

For safety reasons, a boiler must be overhauled and regularly maintained. This is the responsibility of the tenant for the duration of the lease. The tenant is in effect obliged, unlike the owner, to ensure the maintenance of the dwelling he occupies and all the equipment provided and present during the inspection of the premises of entry.

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Among such equipment, the gas boiler holds a good place. The individual boiler must therefore be serviced and monitored by annual contract. The tenant must be able to provide evidence that his boiler is well maintained and that it does not pose a risk to other users of the condominium, if any.

As part of a boiler for collective heating, its maintenance and repairs are carried out on the initiative of a condominium trustee.

Boiler maintenance: what to know

In connection with the installation of a new boiler or a replacement of boiler, it should be known that the first maintenance must take place within one calendar year after the installation or replacement of the boiler.

Lessor owner : it is now possible to include a clause in the lease agreement specifying the annual and compulsory maintenance of the boiler as well as the subscription of a maintenance contract.

Tenant : it’s your safety, remember to check the maintenance of your boiler and ask the right questions during your inspection of the premises of entry.

Namely : Since June 12, 2009, any boiler supplied with gaseous, liquid or solid fuel (oil…) and having a rated power of 4 to 400 kW must undergo amandatory annual inspection .

Repairs and annual monitoring of the boiler

Repairs and annual control of the boiler must be requested by the tenant and not by the landlord. This initiative must come spontaneously, for the purpose of security and good agreement between tenant and landlord. Good agreement with the other occupants of the condominium can also play: a faulty boiler is extremely dangerous.

The necessary repairs and annual monitoring must be carried out by an energy professional . Plumber, heating engineer… Your professional will then check several elements before certifying the annual check:

  • Cleaning the boiler and essential elements;
  • Setting the boiler if necessary;
  • A general check of the condition of the device;
  • Tips to continue to maintain the boiler;
  • Advice on a possible replacement date;
  • Measurement of the level of carbon monoxide emitted into the ambient air;
  • Warning the tenant of potential risks;
  • If the amount of carbon monoxide is too high, your plumber heating engineer should advise you on the ventilation or drawing of the duct;
  • An evaluation of boiler performance

The professional then issues you a certificate of conformity in the form ofa maintenance certificate . To find yourself there, a dated sticker will usually be glued to the gas boiler in order to keep track of this control and the next.

Tenant: I did not maintain my boiler

If you are a tenant and you have not carried out the necessary checks, you do not incur any sanctions but many risks, including of carbon monoxide poisoning. Please also note that when you leave the house, the boiler will be checked and the cost of repairs can be deposited from your security deposit .

What kind of maintenance boiler to choose?

Now that you know that you need to maintain your boiler every year to protect yourself from leaks, fire and also to save money on your various bills (including hot water), it is worth thinking about the type of contract you can sign up with your professional heater.

  • If your boiler is new , you can choose the first contract for maintenance of the boiler
  • If your boiler is no longer under warranty recently, the intermediate contract with the labor offered in the event of a breakdown is at favor.
  • If your boiler is no longer recent , do not hesitate. Choose directly the highest formula that will guarantee the free replacement of the parts of your boiler in the event of a breakdown.

Garanka offers you these 3 formulas to adapt to all situations. Do not wait any longer and ask for the maintenance of your boiler online. If you are an owner and you have a property for rent, you can quite choose the company that will take care of the boiler maintenance. All you need to do is integrate the amount into the rent charges and pay the maintenance and repair bills directly online, without having to move around.

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