Become a sports coach: a profession of fitness

How to become a sports coach? To help everyone stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this job is ideal. This fashion began in the United States and gradually developed in Europe. Yes, sports coaching is a real job, whatever you say. You are told everything about the training and missions of the sports coach.

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  • Sports Trainer: Where does this job come from?
    • A need for motivation
  • What missions for a sports coach?
  • The success of the profession of sports trainer
  • Become a sports coach
    • Rehabilitation through sport The
    • psychology of the sports coach
  • Exercise the profession
    • of sports trainer Tailored coaching
  • Studies and training of a
    • sports coach Personal trainer without a diploma?
  • Salary of a sports coach

Coach sports: where does this job come from?

The function of the sports coach is very special. He accompanies one or more people in a sports program of their choice. The sports coach sometimes commits to getting results to his clients. Better shape , muscle gain, good sports lifestyle, regularity and attendance on the sports program…

A sports coach is much more than a sports teacher. Sports halls are quite numerous in France, but the profession of sports coach is developing in parallel. Where does this enthusiasm come from for having a personal trainer, when we know that the means to keep fit and play sports already exist?

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A Need for Motivation

The nerve of war in sport is motivation . We’ve all tried to take a gym subscription, with a few positive results, or sometimes a total failure of attendance due to a cruel lack of motivation. This is where the sports coach intervenes. He acts as a coach and catalyst of motivation for the person who calls on his services.

What missions for a sports coach?

A sports coach is a real accompanying person in terms of sport practice. He gets to know you and see how you work to better motivate you in your sporting practice . We often have the image of a very authoritarian, intractable, rigorous and fairly untolerant sports coach.

It is not so simple to be a sports coach: his sports missions involve much more than just saying what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc. A sports coach is the key element in the motivation of any amateur or professional sportsman. Whether you are starting a sports program or you need a boost of motivation halfway through the challenge you set for yourself, the sports coach is here to manage your progress .

The success of the profession of sports coach

Today, around the world, the success of sports coaches has proven. This enthusiasm and the need for sports coach emerged in the United States and has grown little in Europe and especially in France.

Our lifestyles are changing and evolving. Sedentary lifestyle and occupations where you do not activate the body are more and more developing. With the trades that push us to stay often behind a computer, for example, it has become necessary to be careful to eat well and exercise to stay in shape.

Become a sports coach

Do you want to know more about the profession of sports trainer? You have predispositions for sport? We tell you how to become a sports coach.

Rehabilitation through sport

The term may sound strong, but if you are novice and have taken bad habits in our lifestyle, it is a real process of rehabilitation through sport that is going to be necessary. The sports coach intervenes to motivate the troops and make his clients take new habits. From satisfaction to satisfaction, people are progressing.

To become a sports coach, you need to have a wide variety of skills:

  • Being sportsman yourself;
  • Have a motivating leadership side;
  • Knowing how to understand the psychology of people;
  • Knowing how to convince, to surpass oneself and achieve a goal
  • Knowing how to be also a behavioural coach;

A sports coach adapts his coaching to the request of his clients. He will listen, analyze, develop a program, propose a structure that meets the need for sports of its client. Many sports coaches have also learned in psychology and behavior, so they can convince and have a healthy ascendant on the coached person.

Psychology of the sports coach

For many people who want to practice and exercise to feel better or lose weight, taking control is not easy . The training offered by a sports coach must be justified, professional, rigorous and effective.

The psychological aspect of the sports coach is very important and a feeling must pass so that the relationship from coach to coached can be established with confidence.

Exercise the trade of sports coach

The profession of a sports coach can be exercised in the gym, as an employee. You can also be a personal trainer installed on your account, which will bring you to move to private individuals. You therefore work with individuals or groups , depending on the needs and opportunities available to you.

Tailor-made coaching

The missions of the sports coach remain the same, but as an individual (personal sports coach), all exercises will be done in a private way, away from sight. Some appreciate the very personal and tailor-made nature of the profession of sports coach: they benefit from a totally personalized support, which allows them to progress faster .

The sports coach can also train for a competition and do sports accompaniment from an early age for very promising young athletes.

In short, the sports coach is a guide, a mentor who avoids any routine in the process of fitness of the person. The word of the sports coach is essential: it is through her that everything will be played. It is therefore essential to know how to measure the scope of our words and to have possibly done a relative work on oneself .

Education and training of sports coach

To be a sports coach, several routes are possible. You can go through a classic course in sport-studies, and start with the BPJEPS (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport). This diploma is equivalent to the Bac and opens the door to the profession of animator.

To go further, the DEJEPS is open to you (Youth State Diploma, Popular Education and Sport). The level of this training is a Bac 2. You then specialize in sports development.

Following the DEJEPS, the DESJEPS (Higher State Diploma Youth, Popular Education and Sport) you goes into a training equivalent to a Bac 3. This diploma has a real become, because it allows you to get a position in any sports federation. After training, you can exercise as a sports coach.

In university, STAPS (Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) training allows you to obtain the same legitimacy as a sports coach. You go through the Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree and graduate.

Personal trainer without diploma?

Obviously, it is not necessary to have all the above-mentioned diplomas or even official state training. Your training can be done according to your own practice. With pedagogy, psychology, sports talent and perseverance , you can build your career as a la carte sports coach.

Your skills will remain the same. If your customers are satisfied with your work and your sports accompaniment, word-of-mouth can go very fast, whether you graduate or not.

Salary of a sports coach

The average salary of a sports coach can be difficult to assess because it depends on the level of people you will coach in sports. In particular, if you are on your account, your rates may vary from single to double depending on the situation. Loyalty your customers , and make your support a real commitment.

If you are a salaries in the room, salaries will start around 2000 euros gross monthly.

The profession of a sports coach awaits you : become a personal coach in turn and help people motivate themselves to play sports in best conditions.

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