Become a land expert: definition of the profession

Land expert is a regulated profession. In France, being a land expert means being informed of all issues related to real estate, property and property law. Land expertise is a profession that is practiced under many conditions. We detail in our article the profession of land expert, as well as the training paths to access a job.

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  • The land expert: status and missions
  • The role of the certified land expert
  • The legal and friendly missions of the land expert
  • How to become a land expert?
    • Go further after the Licence
  • Do a real estate expert training via real estate networks
  • What salary for land experts?
  • Opportunities for a land expert

The Land Expert: status and missions

First of all, in the real estate and property sector, it is important to know that regulations are strict. Can not carry out the assignments of land expert who wants. For this, it is imperative to be listed at the National Council of Agricultural and Forestry Land Expertise (CNEFAF).

This registration at the CNEFAF guarantees your expertise and skills. It is strictly forbidden to claim the title of land expert without being listed with this council.

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The role of the licensed land expert

The land expert has a job that is different from that of a surveyor. His job involves moving in the field. These trips, according to his contracts, concern both urban and rural areas. In many cases, a land expert is called upon to carry out amicable missions . But what is it about ?

A company, institution or individual may call on land experts to visit a site as a land expert. He is then asked toperform analyses, the accuracy of which is specified in the instructions provided to him. A large part of this service is to estimate real estate or movable property.

At the end of the analysis, the land expert implements all his skills in order to provide a fair estimate. This estimate is based on precise calculations and references. The real estate and land professional that is this expert then performs professional reviews and reports that he delivers to his clients, in accordance with the original request.

Legal and friendly missions of the land expert

If a expertise is required in a very particular situation and that the presence of a land expert is required, then the expert’s friendly mission reports can be used during court confrontations, among others.

Expertise may be followed by counter-expertise within the legal framework, especially if it is a question of determining the cause of an incident. The interventions of any land expert in the legal framework are strictly regulated by standards .

The land expert may also be required to carry out conflicting amicable missions , as explained above. In the context of a dispute between two parties, expert opinions are confronted, well before recourse to judicial proceedings. Amicable solutions are strongly recommended between two parties in a dispute: land experts are accustomed to this type of request.

How to become a land expert?

Specialized studies are necessary in order to be able to practise as a land expert. Often, land experts are self-employed. The skills required to be a good land expert include:

  • Unparalleled professionalism;
  • Rigor and seriousness;
  • Availability for your customers
  • Untouched impartiality;
  • Acting with a sense of responsibility;

Sharp knowledge of law and economics is important. Training as a real estate expert or land expert is therefore paramount.

A university course (Bac 3) in various fields can quite open the doors of this job. The advantage of this business is that it is accessible via multiple channels Academic.

If you have a Licence in the agricultural, economic, legal or agronomic field, you can go further and embark on land expertise.

Good to know : by justifying 3 years in this field, you can demonstrate your experience. Without a diploma, you will have to demonstrate 7 years of experience in this particular sector.

Go further after the License

If you want to obtain a Bac 5 degree, the Master Professional Manager of Land and Real Estate Projects is for you. Your studies are an asset, but you will have to rely less on your experience.

Once you have accumulated the years of experience required to apply for registration with the NCNEFAF, all you have to do is wait for your approval, under data verification.

A master’s degree is also offered at IHEDREA, theGraduate Institute of Rural Law and Agricultural Economics .

Train real estate expert via real estate networks

Professionals in the field also offer training to become a land expert. These courses are private and involve funding from your pocket. You will learn all the skills required to be a true expert in property and property law.

No minimum age is required to become a land expert, but solid and serious experience is required. This will be proof of your professional maturity . NCNEFAF is committed to redirecting customers to you and therefore must ensure that you have the required profile to respond to specific customer requests.

What salary for land experts?

Land experts are often independent persons who set their fees in a free manner. Depending on your specializations and the nature of your assignments (estimation, land law, etc.), these fees may of course vary .

At the beginning of the career, it is estimated that it is possible to have a monthly turnover of 2500 euros excluding charges.

Opportunities for a land expert

Opportunities are numerous. Just as it is possible to access this profession by several ways, it is then possible to convert again:

  • Management activity;
  • Activity related to economics or law;
  • Specialization in this or that field, depending on demand and market.

It is interesting to stay up to date with market developments. If a niche is to be taken in an area, know that with your skills, versatility and your professionalism , your profile may be useful.

Many land experts share in common a self-entrepreneur and self-taught temperament. They are excellent communicators and have high editorial skills . Ready to become a land expert?

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