Become a journalist reporter and highlight the news

Is the job of journalist reporter talking to you? If you like to follow local, national or international news, and want to relay it to the greatest number through writing or photography , then this job suits you. Discover in our page how it is possible to become a reporter with passion.

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  • The reporter: a world view at the heart of the news
  • What are the missions of the reporter?
  • The reporter, reporting and creation
    • Start with small contracts
  • What skills to be postponed?
    • Going closer to events
  • The life of a journalist reporter
  • What studies to be a reporter?
  • Your School of Journalism
  • Employment, Career and Opportunities in the Reporter Trade
    • Network and

publications The reporter: a world view at the heart of the news

The job of journalist reporter requires patience and determination. Indeed, it is a profession that implies loneliness in work. You go to search for your topics and treat them in your own way and then propose publications.

The journalist reporter is a person of a curious nature, also with a keen sense of the world around him. With the desire to explain the facts and present them to the greatest number, the reporter actively participates in giving meaning to the world around him. It contributes to the culture and education of all peoples.

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What are the missions of the reporter?

A reporter or photojournalist can grasp the current facts and leave to cover an event. It can also observe them remotely and decide to deal with related topics, such as people’s reaction.

A reporter must be present in the right place and at the right time, first and foremost. The journalist reporter, as his name suggests, makes reports on topics as diverse and varied as what is given to him to cover.

His subjects can be local, national or international, depending on the possibilities. The journalist reporter does not always have the choice of his subjects if he needs to do “piges” to live, but his ethics show his righteousness . The reporter can use several ways to convey his message and testimony. Photography, writing, film and editing.

The reporter, reporting and creation

In all cases, creation will have its role to play in the transcription of the facts. Current news reports can be made, or then the background report can be chosen, over several months or even several years. The reporter will then be able to talk about his experience in public and travel his testimony through events related to journalism, culture, etc.

By leaving on your field, often, the reporter knows nothing or very little about his subject. His role is to make parallels, draw conclusions, make assumptions, raise awareness of a cause and simply give visibility to a fact that is of paramount importance to him.

Start with small contracts

The reporter does not always have the luxury, in his young years, to make exciting topics that will be bought from him quickly. Reporters often have to start with local magazines or small newspapers, before they go on an adventure, if they wish. The local fact is not less interesting than the exotic fact, by the way, but it will attract more audiences.

After his report (production), all the auxiliary work is essential (post-production). Editing, shoring, writing, rewriting, remarks, etc. The journalist reporter puts himself in the shoes of a journalist who presents a fact unknown to the world.

What skills to be postponed?

Curiosity animates you, first of all. As a reporter, you do not take ‘no’ for an answer and you start discovering what you think is important. Whether to cover an exceptional event or simply the no less exciting daily life of families, communities, professionals, etc.

The reporter and photojournalist will need to treat his posture and attitude depending on where he is. If he is abroad, his attitude will be noticed. It will have to integrate with local populations in order to be as close as possible to the event, which sometimes represents a known danger .

Going to the closest to the events

When the reporter covers war, famine, environmental crises or elections in hot spots around the world, he must take a bias . This bias will be felt in his work of photography, writing, film and editing. Reporters must therefore be brave, have common sense, resource, and be resourceful.

In his work, the reporter performs a lot of writing. The ability to write and love of words must be present in the reporter, unless his specialty is actually photo-reporting .

Today, many festivals or awards reward the courage of these reporters who wanted to show unknown images of the general public.

The life of a journalist reporter

A journalist reporter often has the life taken by a busy agenda. Meetings, contacts, speeches, solemching, interviews, field, image processing, writing, etc.

If you wish to have job security, you are clearly not advised to follow this path, as you will have to deal with periods of loss of profits. You are an information professional often independent and you work on your own account . You also defend freedom of the press, which is a bias in itself.

What studies to be postponed?

Many topics can be covered when you are a reporter. Sport, nature, politics, celebrities … You must have an excellent general culture. Journalism studies are recommended but not mandatory. One can indeed become a journalist reporter by improvising.

The basis of the reporter’s skills are:

  • drafting;
  • photography;
  • mastery of social networks;
  • mastery of computer tools;

You have the choice between following a journalism license, or go to IUT to do a DUT in communication. There are many choices. The master’s degree in journalism is well known. You can also join the French Press Institute and learn about the information professions.

The training to become a journalist reporter is not frozen and you can go through various channels. Be aware that according to your choices you will not meet the same: early on, politics can be present in journalism.

Your journalism school

The school of journalism you choose after the Bac will determine a good part of the course you want to do. Whether it’s Infocom or an ESJ (Graduate School of Journalism), opportunities and “feelings” are not the same.

Before attempting competitions and joining public or private journalism schools, learn about the paths of journalists reporters you admire, for example, that will give you an idea of the possible paths. In school, you can specialize in certain disciplines such as writing, sound, image and parallel photography , if you are interested in.

The IUT of Tours, Nice and Lannion are renowned for training the young journalist in his future career. The diplomas offered in information and communication are up to the excellence required to go further in the profession. Contests are quite selective : pay attention to prepare them well.

Journalism schools generally offer longer courses, leading to the Master’s degree for the most part. It is also important to know that Sciences Po offers a journalism curriculum.

Employment, Careers and Opportunities in the Reporter Trade

A reporter can expect to perform internships during his or her course. He will propose topics, support them, refine them and become the expert if necessary. Practicing the profession of journalist reporter exposes to reprisals, depending on what you talk about, and to which audience, in which country.

In the information sector and the press, nothing is neutral and it is important to know this, especially if you want to remain independent. You will have the choice of print media, radio, journalism agency , etc. You can also be affiliated with major newspapers or magazines, or even create your own. At the beginning The SMIC is in the right place for young reporters of agency reporters.

Network and publications

With experience, you create network and develop your opportunities. You leave, you come back, you deal with your subjects, you present them and you try to get scholarships to finance your projects.

Over time, if you get fame, publications and exhibitions are possible. As you will understand, there is no ready-made path to becoming a reporter. This passion profession requires independence of mind and your journey will be the very reflection of thisindependence.

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