Autoentrepreneur: the most lucrative activities

When you start as a self-entrepreneur, you often have an idea in mind. The goal is for many self-entrepreneurs to be able to earn profits, so it is important to look at the most lucrative activities for a business. In other words, which services and sectors can best bring to your business? The point in our article.

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  • Build your business and choose your business
    • The status of a self-entrepreneur
  • The web marketing consultant
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • School support
  • Be a tourism guide
  • Childcare
  • Chef at home
  • Wedding planner
  • Building sector
  • Become a sports coach
  • Multidisciplinary services
  • E-commerce and crafts

Build your business and choose your activity

Taking the status of self-contractor, there are many advantages available to you. Creating your business provides access to a multitude of opportunities . Have you decided to change your profession and are thinking about a new activity?

Whether it is for a simple supplement of income or for a complete professional adventure, it is wise to choose the right sector of activity . This gives yourself the best chance to grow your business.

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Self-Entrepreneur Status

By creating your business, you get the status of self-entrepreneur. This status and a SIRET number are obtained in only one week in France, with the facilities put in place for all self-entrepreneurs.

When declaring the creation of your business, you must choose a sector of activities. Take the time to think carefully about the activity you are going to perform. Indeed, depending on the current situation, one activity may function less well than another . You can start your business on wheel hats with your customers or, on the contrary, really galleer to impose your business on the market.

We look back for you on the activities that bring the most in self-business.

Web Marketing Consultant

Yes, web marketing, also called e-marketing, is one of the sectors that yield the best. As an autoentrepreneur, you are embarking on an expertise that is increasingly needed, and therefore in demand. Offer services related to SEO , social media, affiliate, web advertising, etc.

You boost your customers’ sales and highlight their expertise, while using many recognized tools in marketing.

IT Troubleshooting

Many people use computing today. By offering your business as a self-contractor and IT convenience store, you provide an essential service to your customers. Entrepreneurs, update your skills and take this opportunity to quickly find customers for your business.

The school support

A school support activity may be offered. Given the needs to help students upgrade and pass their exams, your business can only grow. Target your customers and offer your skills. You can also coach a particular person, as a self-entrepreneur in school support, think about it!

Being a tourism guide

The tourist guide misses the call: this activity makes parts of the many rather pleasant activities to offer as a self-entrepreneur. Do you have the skills to manage this kind of business and business? Get started in this sector of lucrative activities : connoisseurs and culture lovers will appreciate this self-entrepreneur activity. The activity will be profitable in large cities.


Providing childcare is an activity more than necessary. Many parents regularly need child care. Builder your service business and become a self-contractor in a very useful service sector.

Home Cooking Chef

For this self-entrepreneur activity, you must obviously possess the necessary skills! The job is very nice, you meet people and you share with them your activities by linking. You can also become a personal chef for a star , who knows?

Wedding planner

The wedding planner helps the bride and groom prepare for the big day. It is an activity that is booming. Becoming a self-entrepreneur and wedding planner ensures profitability . Because it is difficult to predict everything today, many couples prefer to delegate by trusting an autoentrepreneur, with his address book, his sensitivity, and his pro side.

The building sector

In the building, a self-contractor always draws his pin from the game by offering an activity and services that are necessarily necessary. Target your area well, make contact. It is easier to use a building self-contractor than a large company for renovation and small work as that craftsman.

Do you have strong skills in DIY and construction? Get started in this business and grow your business with the reliable status of self-entrepreneur.

Become a sports coach

The self-entrepreneur sports coach is well perceived and is often called upon for personal coach. More motivating than the gym , the self-entrepreneur sports coach is in the relationship: you will love your new activity.

Multidisciplinary services

Finally, if you have cross-cutting skills such as building maintenance, garden, green spaces, etc., you can quite propose these activities as a self-contractor. You grow your network quickly thanks to customers who are essentially private, but not that.

E-commerce and crafts

You have a particular talent ? E-commerce has a strong potential not to be overlooked. Start your business using social networks wisely. The craftsman self-entrepreneur can make lots of fashionable confections . Zero waste, baby textile creations, home decor items, handcrafted lighting, natural creations… Everything is possible.

Self-entrepreneurs, take out your sewing machine and all your tools and your business will grow quickly thanks to the potential of e-commerce.

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