ASVP: The Job of Public Road Surveillance Officers

The role of ASVPs, in other words, highway surveillance officers, is not confined to the distribution of tickets as many imagine. We tour a profession that recruits as well as the training necessary to become ASVP.

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  • The job of ASVP: the missions of an agent
    • The specificities of the business of ASVP
    • Advisory and reporting missions
  • Become a PSA: contract or official
    • Holding a PSA
  • What training to become ASVP FILE?
    • Recruitment as a contractual PSA
    • Recruitment as a PSA Public Servant ASVP
  • : Skills and Qualifications Required
  • Salary, Opportunities for a PSA

The business of ASVP: the missions of an agent

What is the business of ASVP France? What are the tasks of highway surveillance officers? The first mission of the ASVP is indeed to draw up contraventions and verbatim reports . These tickets are related to a lack of parking or a breach of respect for the cleanliness of the public roads.

The ASVPs ensure that no regulatory breach is carried out, particularly with respect to paid parking . Today, the minutes are electronic and are no longer done by paper. This method facilitates transmissions with the police station but also avoids risks. Paper that flies away, contravention that is lost, even some worries about relational with the users of the vehicle.

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The specifics of the business of ASVP

After finding the violation of parking regulations, a PSA may request removal of the vehicle through the impound. A report is then prepared by the highway supervisor in order to note in detail the circumstances and the necessity of the removal of the car by the impound.

An ASVP is also responsible for ensuring the validity of the insurance vignettes of any vehicle in a parking condition. In the event that an insurance sticker is not up to date or not displayed, the ASVP informs the owner of the vehicle, who then has one month to regularize the situation.

Regarding the cleanliness of public roads, the ASVP is entitled to issue reports for violations of the Public Health Code. For example, if he witnesses a degradation of public good or an act that dirty public roads (tag, waste, etc.), a fine may be given. Some rules are to be observed in terms of cleanliness of public space , since it is shared by all inhabitants.

Advisory and reporting missions

ASVPs have roles and functions that are sometimes quite unknown to the general public. A public highway supervisor may carry out advisory and preventive missions to the public. Because prevention is better than cure, ASVPs remain close to populations.

Therefore, the most important mission of the ASVP is the protection of the public roads. They may also intervene by notifying the relevant and competent services of road accidents that have taken place in their sector of work. ASVPs perform rounds in pairs, in general.

Become a ASVP: contractual or civil servant

A FSA is officially a territorial official but not all are not. There is no obligation to be a territorial official and to pass a competition to become a PSA. The highway supervisor works for a community, municipality or structure that links the municipalities.

The ASVP may have two statuses :

  • The ASVP with contract agent status;
  • The ASVP with the status of a civil servant.

The ASVP with contractual status is generally employed under an indeterminate or fixed-term contract. Contractual ASVPs represent 20% of public road surveillance agents in France. The remaining 80% consist of public road surveillance officers with civil servant status.

Holding a ASVP

A Road Supervisory Officer does not have a “national” outfit to wear. It’s up to every community or each town hall to provide an outfit or uniform for its ASVP.

The uniform must be very distinct: a municipal police officer is not a PSA and a PSA is not a municipal police officer .

In France, it is not uncommon to meet ASVP in navy blue outfit, cap and safety shoes. A ASVP does not carry a weapon .

What training to become ASVP?

When you pass the recruitment stage to become ASVP, a short training is provided on the trade internally. No diploma is requested. It is important to know that many town halls recruit ASVPs by looking for them from other positions (technical officer, administrative officer, etc.). These transversal movements are common and adapt to the local needs of the City.

Two modes of recruitment exist to become ASVP. Some ASVP are incumbents (staff members) while others are not (contractual).

Recruitment as a contractual ASVP

Are you interested in ASVP? All you have to do is respond to a job offer . It is possible to apply in town hall or community of communes by submitting a spontaneous application.

Recruitment as an ASVP civil servant

Individuals wishing to become ASVP and also wishing to be public servants must, of course, take a public service competition. The appropriate competition will be theterritorial technical or administrative assistant .

order to pass these competitions, you must of course hold a CAP, a BEP or any diploma of level V. Once the competition is in pocket, you are placed on the national aptitude list In . to be an intern for one year. Your internship serves as a training as an administrative assistant intern. At the end of the internship, if it is successful, you are tenured and become an official official.

Good to know : it is possible thanks to theCPF (Personal Training Account) to recover a credit of training hours to pass competitions, go to ASVP training if a place is available, etc.

ASVP: Skills and Qualifications Required

A Public Road Supervisory Officer must act and be in a certain team spirit . He must be available and be in good physical condition.

Excellent relational abilities are a plus to becoming ASVP. In fact, highway surveillance officers may be faced with situations that require the maintenance of a cold blood.

A ASVP represents the community that employs it. Every highway supervisor must be impeccable in terms of behaviour and language. If you have the ability to stay calm, this is a real bonus that deserves to be highlighted in recruitment to the position of ASVP.

A ASVP must be able to write reports. Using computer tools should not be a brake for you. You know the Traffic Code, the parking rules. Ultimately, by climbing the ladder, you can evolve and become a team leader for ASVPs.

Salary, Opportunities for a ASVP

A basic monthly salary is set, to which a family supplement is added depending on your situation. You may be entitled to a sensitive urban area premium and residence allowance (depending on your place of residence). On average, we can count 1500 euros in raw for an early career ASVP.

Opportunities for a Public Road Supervisory Officer:

  • A contract officer may attempt to pass public service competitions. After a few years of service, it is possible to pass the competition in-house and even become a municipal police officer.
  • You can claim more responsibilities once you have taken a few grades and years of experience.

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