All the advantages of the mid-height child’s bed

The mid-height child bed has many advantages. If you are planning to remake your little boy or girl’s room, discover this ideal and standard in-between. Between the traditional bed and the loft bed for children, the mid-height crib is slightly raised and fits into all types of spaces.

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  • The mid-height bed: definition
    • Safety and comfort
  • Bunk bed: adaptable to any type of space
    • Ideal for any ceiling height
    • Save space
  • A bed that accompanies the child to the Adolescence
    • Installing a hut or slide

The mid-height bed: definition

A raised children’s bed, also known as a mid-height crib, can be used by any child with more than 6 years old. The norm imposes this in order to secure the child and make the bed usable in the best sleeping conditions.

A 6-year-old child is supposed to be able to climb and descend this type of bed alone, using the ladder built into the bed . Before 6 years old, a child is not technically able to cope alone in climbing to the top of a ladder alone and secure himself.

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This type of bed is also known as a bunk bed and is suitable for two children of close ages or twins.

Safety and comfort

A mid-height crib usually has safety barriers that make it totally safe for the child. The 4 sides of the bunk bed are surrounded by this reinforcement barrier which guarantees safety and comfort for the child from 6 years old. For boy or girl, the bed Mid-height child is very convenient with its relatively wide access ladder and possessing suitable and flat bars.

The mid-height bed is slightly raised and sometimes has built-in chests for storage , at the lower part of the bed. Thus, your child can store games and toys, clothes, bedding or even stuffed toys.

Bunk bed: adaptable to any type of space

By having two beds in one, you optimize the space and create a practical and pleasant room for children to live.

If the mid-height child bed is a single bed and is not super laid with another bed, the space below the bed can be transformed into a relaxation, reading corner, library or play area .

When your child welcomes a boyfriend or girlfriend, the space is quite convertible into an extra bed. You install a mattress and get a double bed for children. Ideal for a sleepover party !

Ideal for any ceiling height

The mid-height child bed is more convenient than a loft bed in the sense that it is not as high as this one. The mezzanine is supposed to accommodate an adult height under the bed, which can remove useful and usable space above the crib.

This type of bed can be adapted to any type of space and especially small interiors. Do you need to optimize the space of the children’s room in your home or apartment? The dimensions of a mid-height child’s bed lend themselves quite to your need, even if the ceiling height is quite low.

Save space

If you want to save space at all costs, the child’s bed mid height will suit you, as the your child is small or tall. It is always nice to enjoy this space. Space saving is done on the surface but also in height .

You don’t encounter any problems when changing bedding, since the height of a mid-height child bed is approximately 114 cm. The bed is accessible both for the child and for the adult who comes to help in storing and changing sheets, for example.

A bed that accompanies the child until adolescence

The practical side of the mid-height child bed? It can be used without problems until adolescence. So it’s an investment to make. New or used, the mid-height child bed is very practical. However, if you take it as a second hand, be sure to check that the bed fasteners are in good condition . This is true of your child’s safety.

If the standards are clear and strict regarding this type of bed, it is necessary to adhere to the duration of use of the bed and frequently check that no fastening mechanism is malfunctioning.

Installing a hut or slide

The mid-height crib is perfect to stimulate the child in the game. It can indeed be transformed into a hut, accommodate a play area, a slide… Boys and girls will appreciate the modular side of the mid-height crib .

The whole base part, if it does not accommodate an extra bed and mattress for a boyfriend or girlfriend, can then be decorated and personalized according to your child’s tastes.

This play and imagination space can then easily be transformed into a workspace, a desk corner with lamp and office chair , bookcase or various storage, with crates to toys and chests. In short, there are really only advantages to this type of bed. The only major drawback is if your child does not feel safe in height and prefers a bed closer to the floor.

Opting for the mid height crib is perfect for your child to grow up with their own space. Later and just before adolescence, he can even install a pouf, a small sofa with coffee table in order to make himself a cocooning corner. Shelves can easily be integrated into this space to make it a real corner reading.

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