All about yellow zucchini

Yellow zucchini, you know? This sunburst fruit in both its taste and appearance is quite widespread but ultimately unknown. You are told everything about the yellow zucchini for Le Jardineur.

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  • A yellow zucchini? Originality and aesthetics
  • A good zucchini raw and with its skin
    • Less water, more practical!
  • How to grow yellow zucchini in the garden
    • A resistant zucchini
    • Making your seedlings of yellow zucchini
    • Green fertilizers around zucchini seedlings
  • When to harvest zucchini?

Yellow zucchini? Originality and aesthetic

Her cousin green zucchini is much better known than her, but yellow zucchini still has the wind in its stern. Yellow zucchini, or “Gold Rush“, arecucurbits that are today find in several shapes: round, elongated… and streaked or plain, for its beautiful sun-yellow color. It is even called “banana zucchini ” due to its beautiful color.

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Does yellow zucchini have the same characteristics as green zucchini when you are in the garden? In terms of recipes and varieties, what are the good tips to remember to properly appreciate yellow zucchini? Follow the guide and discover one of the most original zucchini in the vegetable garden.

Good to know : zucchini is indeeda fruit and not a vegetable, contrary to popular and widespread belief.

A good zucchini raw and with its skin

Yes, yellow zucchini has much thicker skin than its green cousin. It can therefore be eaten without any concern with its skin, which is also less bitter to taste and Recipe. Young, yellow zucchini is even more pleasant to consumption, especially in a pretty summer salad.

With their fine and soft flesh, yellow zucchini are real jewels of the vegetable garden. Tasty and melting , it can be eaten raw or cooked, in salad, in gratins, in ratatouille to add a beautiful touch of yellow color.

Less water, more convenient!

Did you know that it also releases much less water than green zucchini in cooking? It is therefore ideal for all recipes of cake , flan, vegetable tian, salted pies and gratins.

Know how to grow yellow zucchini in the garden

Have you ever tried to grow green zucchini? Yellow zucchini does not necessarily require more care or special attention. As prolific as green , yellow zucchini can give up to 20 pieces on one foot.

Seeds of yellow zucchini are found commercially quite easily.

A resistant zucchini

Gold Rush zucchini is known and known for its excellent resistance to attacks. Cucurbits can easily be ravaged by powdery mildew , this classic disease of the vegetable garden. Your yellow zucchini resist this disease well, which limits the chances of disappointment and loss.

Making your seedlings of yellow zucchini

Sow in buckets in May , or in open ground until mid-July if the weather is lenient. The harvest is then done at the end of summer for the possibility of canned food, countless recipes and happiness on the plate (and in the stomach!)

It is also possible to make seedlings directly in open ground , provided that the precautions are observed usual. Sow at a distance of 1 meter to allow each foot to breathe. The plant is comfortable, just like green zucchini.

Between each row, reserve the same distance and sow no more than three seeds , to keep only one plant once they have taken. Do not forget to enrich the land with good homemade or commercial compost.

Green fertilizers around zucchini seedlings

To properly grow your yellow zucchini, it makes sense to think about planting plants intended to be green fertilizers around. Crop rotation is respected, your zucchini are happy. Peas, beans and beans will please next to your yellow zucchini seedlings, as well as pink radishes.

For your recipes, you will only be more satisfied by combining these vegetables with each other in cooking.

Zucchini seedlings appreciate Water: water well, mulch or apply dry mowing residues to preserve soil freshness. Attention: slugs are your enemies: hunt them and protect seedlings.

When to harvest zucchini?

The size of zucchini may vary depending on the species, but it is always advisable to harvest before they grow too much. 15 cm is a good size for a zucchini. After that, the skin can harden andthicken.

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