All about the H7 LED bulb

When it comes to safety on the road, the best visibility is required. Headlights of a car must be optimally equipped. Have you heard of H7 LED bulbs? We tell you everything about these car headlight bulbs.

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  • The H7 LED bulb: what is it?
    • Specificity of H7 LED bulb in kit
  • The great advantages of H7 LED bulb Which H7
  • bulbs to choose?
  • The resistance of a H7
    • bulb The technology H7 LED bulb NightEye
  • Kit H7 bulb: our opinion
    • Diversity of use of the H7 LED bulb
    • Healthy lighting compared to white or blue lights
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H7 LED bulb: what is it?

H7 LED bulb has gained popularity in recent years because of its quality. But what exactly is it? The H7 LED bulb allows you to create reliable lighting to drive safely at night on board your vehicle.

The roadway must be illuminated in such a way that the driver’s vision is optimal on the road. H7 LED bulbs stand out, in this sense, because they are at very attractive prices while providing unparalleled quality.

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Specificity of the H7 LED bulb in kit

The H7 LED bulb has somehow become a benchmark in terms of car lighting . Different from the lighting created by more conventional bulbs, the H7 LED bulb has a PX26D base. The filaments of this bulb allow it to diffuse a light that is closer to white than yellow.

Standard, the H7 LED bulb fits all vehicle brands and can be used as afog light bulb as a high beam bulb. The bonus: in terms of energy, the H7 LED bulb consumes less than a standard H4 bulb. It is also more powerful than the latter, against all odds. You save battery by opting for the H7 LED bulb.

The lighting created by an H7 LED bulb is very close to daylight , which is a real asset for the driver. Its vision is already suitable for similar lighting. Visual concentration on the road, with headlights with H7 LED bulbs, is not as exhausting as with other types of bulbs, for example.

The great advantages of the H7 LED bulb

Among the obvious advantages of H7 LED bulbs, we can mention


  • The power of lighting;
  • White of lighting, not dazzling;
  • Natural and improved night visibility;
  • They promote the good anticipation of reflexes;
  • These H7 LED bulbs are ultra-resistant;
  • Excellent longevity;
  • Standard adaptability;
  • The possibility of saving in the long term thanks to the LED system and lower consumption;
  • Your field of view is greatly expanded thanks to these H7 LED bulbs;
  • A wide range available, for all your needs.
  • Performance sign: many modern vehicles are equipped with it.

Which H7 bulbs to choose?

For your vehicle and headlights, do you want to test the H7 LED bulbs? You make an excellent choice and your night driving will feel it quickly. But how to properly choose his bulb H7? There are different types of H7 bulbs, including the H7 LED bulb:

  • H7 monofilament iodine bulb : the light provided by a H7 LED bulb of this type offers 30% more quality in terms of brightness, compared to H4 lamps with 2 filaments.
  • H7 LED bulb : this bulb is revolutionary because it consumes little. It is in fact very widespread. Modern vehicles are systematically equipped with such bulbs, for obvious reasons. Efficiency, durability, quality, life span, resistance, etc.
  • The Xenon H7 bulb : This bulb has a mixture of gas and 2 electrodes where powerful lighting comes from. High performance, these Xenon H7 bulbs are largely above the halogen bulbs for car headlights.

Available technologies for your vehicle are varied. To choose your vehicle bulbs correctly, you must first refer to the operating booklet of your vehicle. This one will tell you the bulb size to respect.

The resistance of a bulb H7

H7 bulbs are known for their high weather resistance and longevity. However, they can of course grill, like any other bulb. In the presence of humidity, temperature rise, a form of voltage or improper use of the bulb, then an incident is not ruled out.

In order to prevent any eventuality, it is always advisable to have a box of light bulbs available, to store in the glove box of the vehicle or in its trunk.

In commerce, many retailers or manufacturers of light bulbs test the latter to reassure their clientele on concrete facts. Regarding the durability of these bulbs, it is now known that a H7 LED bulb can be up to 100,000 hours of worry-free use .

This exceptional resistance can be explained by the fact that any H7 LED bulb is equipped with a fan that cools the bulbs in real time. The wonders of technology suitable for H7 LED bulbs contributes to the longevity of the product. Submitted to high pressures, these H7 bulbs resist without grilling.

NightEye H7 LED bulb technology

NightEye is a technology that is suitable for H7 LED bulbs to ensure optimal night use. The driver is completely safe with these new generation bulbs. More than bulbs, these lamps are real replacement eyes for the driver, hence the name “Nighteye”.

Combined with Plug and Play technology, NightEye technology makes your H7 LED bulbs real competition lights for your vehicle. You ride safely on the road without worrying about your visibility or the inconvenience to other drivers who share your road. Choose NovSight technology for exceptionally high performance lighting on H7 LED bulb.

Kit bulb H7: our opinion

We tested H7 bulbs for you to tell you our feeling as well as our appreciation of the notable characteristics of the H7 bulb.

The H7 bulb is now commercially available under various offers. The concern: some non-performing lamps can sometimes be sold under the name and behind the performance of H7 LED bulbs. Classic H7 bulb, H7 LED bulb, bulb H7 ultra power… price-quality of the H7 LED bulb is no call: you hardly get better performance at the retail prices.

Because a headlight and lighting lights must be of impeccable quality in order to provide the best possible visibility on the road, you must observe several criteria. Before choosing your type of headlight bulb, you should not only look at the power of your H7 LED bulbs, but also the potential durability and nature of therecommended use.

Variety of use of H7 LED bulb

High beam, dipped-beam, fog lamps … The interest with H7 LED bulbs is that they can be used on all types of lamps in a standard way, for fog lighting, at night and for your dipped-beam lights.

Adaptable, this bulb no longer leaves too much choice: we strongly advise you H7 LED bulbs: power, efficiency, performance, longevity, price, quality of lighting, “white” not bright but sufficient… It is up to you to play and get these very popular bulbs.

Healthy lighting compared to white or blue lights

Detail that matters: the lighting and light created by the H7 LED bulbs are totally adapted to our vision . A H7 LED bulb will hardly dazzle the driver opposite, unlike some bulbs that scatter a dazzling blue or white light.

Opt foreconomy by changing your headlights with H7 LED bulbs as a kit: your vehicle battery will feel the effects quickly.

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