Alexandra Pastor, still in a couple with David Hallyday?

According to the latest rumors, David Hallyday and his companion separated. At 53 years old, the heart of the famous singer for his hits Did you not give me time or would it be picked up?

David Hallyday in the middle a divorce is the tragedy for David Hallyday’s family.

A divorce, in any case, is news that, if confirmed, will delight the many admirers of the attractive David Hallyday.

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David Hallyday recently elected the most beautiful singer in the world.

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Indeed, a fan of David Hallyday saw the singer near his house and walked completely alone, a parcel in his hand probably picked up from the post office down the street.

“ Was David Hallyday really alone?

Altogether, I’m 100% sure,” the fan would have confirmed before adding that David Hallyday was wearing a great sweater, very seyant, and that he was really super cute.”

So after the divorce, will David Hallyday finally be single?

No official confirmation has yet been provided.

The rumor of the divorce of singer David Hallyday is still unfounded.

David Hallyday was known for having a relationship with Estelle Lefébure.

A relationship that caused a buzz on Twitter on Friday.

It seems that everyone had a say in David Hallyday’s divorce:

“ Does anyone have David Hallyday’s number?

“ I am sincerely sad for David Hallyday, even though I thought the couple wasn’t quite in the final.”

“ Based on the evidence we have about David Hallyday’s divorce, do you think there’s really water in the gas?

David Hallyday’s divorce, he confides about his possible separation from Alexandra Pastor!

Unfortunately, David Hallyday is not used to social media.

Regarding the legacy of his father, the late Johnny Hallyday, he should sign a contract with Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet.

He’s even more discreet than usual.

And because of the buzzing on divorce, it didn’t bring a good publicity to singer David Hallyday.

Rumors about David Hallyday’s privacy have already poured a lot of ink, which would have strengthened his reputation.

He wanted to clarify the situation and made a statement on his Instagram account, where he appears very close to his fans.

The following ========>

Unlike many people, David Hallyday had to take a break during containment.

But he took advantage of this special moment to present many new ideas and present them to his community.

The release of the album tribute to Johnny Hallyday, as he announced some time ago, should be quite fast.

According to its last statements, an exit will probably take place in December.

At the same time, David Hallyday could benefit from the agreement he could soon conclude with Laeticia Hallyday and Laura Smet.

Thus, he could earn rights to the tube “Blood for Blood” while transferring to Laura Smet his share of the property in Johnny Hallyday’s old house.

Faced with this disagreement over Johnny Hallyday’s legacy, David Hallyday had to make some concessions in case of possible pressure from Alexandra Pastor’s family.

Alexandra Pastor David Hallyday’s companion comes from a very wealthy clan in Monaco and the singer’s reputation could affect their reputation.

There is a rumor that both lovers could divorce.

To best respond to these allegations, David Hallyday, the son of the Taurus, decided to post images on his Instagram account.

These photos show him having fun in Monaco, in his magnificent villa with Alexandra Pastor.

It really seems to swim in total happiness, against all odds!

During containment, David Hallyday and Alexandra Pasteur had settled in Supertubos, about 100 km north of Lisbon.

In a beautiful Portuguese villa with their son Cameron Hallyday.

In addition to Ilona Smet, the artist’s eldest daughter, had also celebrated her birthday.

Singer David Hallyday, 53 years old, has lived in Portugal with his wife stylist for three years.

This information was confirmed at the time by the famous newspaper Le Parisien, who reported the words of a lawyer from Nice.

“ David Hallyday, of Monegasque and French nationality, pays in France the right to transfer his children to his French property,” explains the lawyer.

In addition, to pay less taxes, they would have found some sort of Eldorado in Portugal for themselves and their families.

His wife’s family wealth is estimated at 30 billion euros.

“ Family is the most important thing.

Then I will go back on the road and resume the tour with the whole team, which I put on hold”.

I tested David Hallyday at RTL about the rumors about the divorce.

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