Affinity Photo: a Photoshop alternative available on Mac

Want to find an alternative version to Photoshop on Mac? We present Affinity Photo for macOS, a must-have tool for any graphic work. Discover with us this perfect editing software for all your graphics needs.

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Introducing Affinity Photo for macOS

Photoshop is undoubtedly the master in this matter: difficult to miss! However, the price of the famous photo editing software for Windows and Mac remained quite prohibitive for common users.

Even though today the Adobe suite is available on subscription, and therefore at more interesting cost, the demand is indeed there. Find an alternative to Photoshop? Yes, it’s possible, and for Mac, that’s more. Affinity Photo arrives and has its reputation to forge, but has everything of a great one. When the budget is already limited and you have to continue to pay a subscription for a software that has its alternatives, the choice is quickly made.

Powerful photo editing software

Affinity Photo presents itself at a more than affordable price. It is handled by graphic designers with disconcerting ease. No subscription is required and all you need is buy the copy of the software from the Apple App Store . You are the owner of the software you install, and the updates are of course included in the package and the initial price.

With Affinity Photo, you have to your Provision a powerful software. This is a completely correct or even impressive version of the traditional photo editing on Photoshop. No, Photoshop is not the only photo editing software available! Affinity Photo is perfect for Mac users, who won’t be overscented by the interface.

Affinity Photo’s many assets

With Affinity Photo for Madc image editing software, you don’t lose your hand and you’re not confused as a photographer or graphic designer. Regulars realize this quite quickly.

Moreover, one of Affinity Photo’s most appreciable options for macOS is that its version allows real-time display, a cutting-edge technological advance. The entire interface is made so that the changes take place before your eyes.

Quality at

In short, Affinity Photo arrives like a big competitor, with hyper optimized programming, at 60 frames per second in general. On Mac, performance is obviously at the rendezvous. No need to tell you that with Affinity Photo, you’ll feel like running a lightweight softwareappointment , even if you’ve loaded your work document with extra layers.

Graphic designers and photographers are happy or surprised and have given a word on this beautiful alternative to Photoshop. If users of this kind of retouching software have long been waiting for a reliable and viable equivalent to Photoshop , they no longer seek: here it is.

A professional interface

Nothing to do with the ancestors of image editing software, Affinity Photo presents itself with a professional, classy, clean and tidy interface. You have access to the software in French through a full translation of the tool.

If you are a regular with Photoshop and the Adobe suite, don’t worry: at Affinity Photo, designers have done a job more than satisfying. Getting started is simple, fast, and you can work on your images in no time, without a specific tutorial.

The most seasoned will find their brushes, tools, favorite interfaces, as well as image export options. Affinity Photo software does not slow down your Mac and allows you to work on leisure or in a fully professional way .

Affordable Mac Software

This version of the famous photo editing software that we didn’t think might compete one day has finally arrived. Of all photo software, you can make sure Affinity Photo holds his bet, at a more than reasonable price .

This software saves you on Adobe Photoshop subscription, while keeping the promise of performance. Software lovers will immediately see the advantage of processing their files and photos.

This version of Affinity Photo seriously stirs the market and moves the competition: hurry up to discover this powerful software, an excellent alternative to MacOS.

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