Administrative officer: what training?

The profession of administrative agent includes its specificities. We talk about the duties of the administrative officer, the training that takes you to an administrative officer position, and the opportunities for training.

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  • Administrative officer or assistant: his missions
    • Know to welcome people
    • Listening, guiding, advising
  • The skills and qualifications of the administrative officer
  • Training and competition administrative officer
    • Salary and opportunities of trades

administrative Administrative officer or assistant: his missions

An administrative officer is also called an Administrative Assistant. This person takes care of the administration. An administrative officer is an official and works for the state. He can therefore work in the Ministry or Town Hall.

The missions of the administrative officer is diverse and varied, depending on the structure that employs them. An administrative officer is the person to interact with when you have administrative requests to make in town hall, for example as a citizen.

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Welcoming people is at the heart of the administrative officer’s missions. This is not the one and only mission of the administrative officer, contrary to misconceptions about the disbarbating side of the profession of administrative officer.

Know how to welcome people

The responsibilities of the administrative officer within his or her department are concrete. An administrative assistant must be able to welcome people wishing to have information or be referred to a particular department.

Reception is a large part of the work of the administrative officer, who must represent the state as as a public servant. The very first person you talk to when you go to town hall is probably your administrative officer. It receives you, listens to your requests , and must be able to answer your questions.

Listening, directing, advising

The administrative assistant redirects you to the department corresponding to your request. In the case of a small commune with a relatively small town hall, the tasks of the administrative officer will be very varied and multidisciplinary .

The Administrative Officer also manages many phone calls. It must be available as a first contact with people from outside, which is a great responsibility. Among the other tasks of the Administrative Assistant, he deals with mail . It sorts, ranges, classes, dispatches and handles shipments.

A very accurate sorting of incoming mail is carried out so that the right service can receive it. The filing of documents is also the responsibility of an administrative officer. Complemented by some accounting and secretarial work, the missions of the Administrative Officer are also under pressure.

Competencies and Qualifications of the Administrative Officer

An administrative officer must meet several qualifications and competencies in order to occupy his or her position. The primary competence of the administrative officer is his organization. Whether it is for the sorting and filing of documents, or for archiving, scheduling, secretarial work or the use of IT tools, organization is essential.

It is up to us that many posts have been abolished in this area, resulting in the diversification of the duties of each administrative officer.

An administrative assistant should be helpful, diplomatic , welcoming, smiling and available as much as possible to greet the public and answering the phone. His skills are broadened and there can be a form of overrun depending on town halls.

Administrative Officer Training and Competitions

To become an administrative officer, it is not essential to have a diploma. On the other hand, the category C competition for administrative officer is mandatory. Once the competition has been obtained with validation of written examinations and oral examinations, doors open.

Written examinations depend on your eligibility for the oral exam . For the oral exam, you are in a working situation and your skills are tested.

There are also two types of specific level training CAP or BTS to get similar skills. In addition, AFPA offers a 6-month qualifying training that prepares for the profession of administrative and hospitality employee. This training is category V and is therefore equivalent to a BEP. This type of training provides quick access to employment , as is the Category C Administrative Officer competition for the Public Service.

Salary and opportunities for administrative trades

The salary of a beginner administrative agent is around 1550 euros gross, excluding premiums. At the end of his career, an administrative agent can earn up to 2000 gross euros monthly.

An administrative officer is a public official . This means that if he wishes, he can pass competitions in category B or C, in order to obtain more responsibilities, after a few years of experience. The agent administrative staff will be entitled to a better salary.

In the civil service, job security is quite appreciated as well as internal professional mobility. An administrative officer may pass the competitions to find employment asan administrative officer,librarianorarchivist , of interesting administrative trades.

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