Absenteeism at work: find out the causes, consequences and possible solutions

Absenteeism costs French companies about 60 billion. That is what has helped to make it a fairly sensitive subject. High absenteeism usually reflects a malfunction in society and must cause the employer to question himself in relation to his organization, but also the working conditions. Because in many cases, the environment plays a key role. If the reasons mentioned relate to the health of the employee, the medical examination will make it possible to ensure this.

What are the causes and consequences of absenteeism at work?

Before discussing the causes of absenteeism at work, it should be remembered beforehand that there are different forms of absenteeism. Some absences are related to the work environment. Between disagreements, difficult conditions, lack of recognition, harsh rivalry… some employees can easily be overtaken. They won’t want to go to work anymore.

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There is also this category of individuals for whom absence is linked to organizational problems. For example, difficulties in entrusting your child, daily tasks to perform, a husband or parent with reduced mobility, etc. There are also employees who are absent due to health problems, in any case according to their say… To be sure that this is the case, the employer can go to https://www.controle-medical.com/.

It should be noted that the consequences of absenteeism are felt on the finances and productivity of the company. In these circumstances, the necessary measures should be taken to remedy this situation. Between replacements, the use of CSDs, reduced productivity, the daily allowances to be paid, customer dissatisfaction, loss of added value, impact on quality… absenteeism can really harm the company.

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What approach should you take to limit absenteeism in business?

The first thing to do if you want to limit absenteeism in business is to go to https://www.controle-medical.com/. Because in most cases, employees are absent on the pretext that they are not physically fit. Only a medical check will make it possible to check this. The site https://www.controle-medical.com/ will bring you complete satisfaction on this point.

In addition to this, consideration should also be given to improving the quality of life at work. The environment is always important. If an employee no longer wants to come and give pretexts to justify his absence is that one way or another he does not like it anymore in his work. As an employer, you need to remedy this. Improvement of ergonomics, awareness and training of staff, motivation and retention of staff, communication on economic and organisational consequences… there are no shortage of methods to achieve this.

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