5 Innovative Business Creation Ideas

For the success of a business, the originality of the idea you decide to launch is relatively important when you want to stand out on the market. Finding especially innovative ideas and projects is not easy, and the innovative nature of an idea is not enough: it must also be easily exploitable and achievable. At a time when the internet provides access to unlimited possibilities, here are 5 ideas for innovative products and services to launch a thriving, innovative and capable of growing over the long term.

Food Online commerce

If having a site to sell its products or offer a service is very common today, online sales is still in full development. The problem for most shops is the need to face permanent competition, and it is not easy to position themselves as a leader when you know that Internet users can visit several platforms in a few moments and make a choice whose parameters are not necessarily mastered. Innovating in this area is to find a way to erase competition by proposing what it is not able to offer Internet users (or at least what it does not yet offer). You can gain a good share of the market by offering a known service at much more attractive rates than those practiced by existing shops. To get there, you will need to:

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  • Get in touch with major suppliers in developing countries who market all kinds of products at very competitive prices, and be able to position yourself as an importer to offer attractive resale prices. It is also possible to go through private sales to enjoy exceptionally low prices on brand items to buy for resale;
  • Lower your overall operating costs by automating multiple sectors, including billing and customer service…
  • Transform into a marketplace by combining with the competition to also offer its products.
  • Focus your business strategy on the practice of lower tariffs than those of the competition by keeping constantly informed about competitor prices.
  • etc.

Here, it’s just about launching your online store by betting on the difference.

Creating products useful for the development of large companies

The technological tools used by large companies to gain market places or to simplify their internal management are in constant development. These are those products that allow companies to process large volumes of data and to assist in decision making in various areas related to the operation of the business. Many similar services and products have already proven themselves in the e-commerce and finance sectors, for example. You can opt for solutions that focus on marketing or efficient business management, the main thing being meet real needs by taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence.

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Building on Technology with Connected Devices

Connected objects represent a market that continues to evolve and grow. Start-ups can find many innovative ideas in this sector to help individuals or professionals in different industries. Today there are several devices connected to the canvas that make it possible to simplify everyday life in the most diverse fields (connected appliances for the kitchen, for sports, for travel, for safety, etc.). For businesses, connected objects are typically related to the needs of simplifying production processes or managing certain tasks such as invoicing.

Creating solutions for online commerce

There are hundreds of thousands of online shops in France, and the needs of these platforms are the same: how can we stand out in a rapidly evolving market, and facilitate production, distribution or sales channels? How to gain visibility to increase market share? Many technology tools are designed for these professionals, and you can focus your search for innovative proposals on the need to target customers accurately, facilitate sales, or on ways to monitor traffic on your platform or competition, for example.

Launch a start-up against food waste

In France as in most developed countries, tens of kg of food are on average thrown to the garbage bin by individuals. For food store chains, the figures are even more alarming, with losses estimated at billions of euros. It is possible to exploit this continuing trend by, for example, recovering products in the shelf with close expiry dates to sell them at low prices. Launching a platform to help the poor in the form of crowdfunding can also be very useful. Homeless people can expose their need and recover resources from various partner associations.

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