3 French resorts recommended during the winter holidays with the family

France is one of the most popular destinations on the planet, during winter holidays. This is largely due to its ski resorts. Indeed, the country is what is called a “big template” when it comes to ski resorts. The latter enjoy international renown, in terms of their quality. In addition, they are suitable for all categories of skiers and holidaymakers, including families. Here are, in particular, three examples.

The Two Alps

The resort of Les Deux Alpes is considered one of the most important ski resorts on the planet. There you can practice various activities of sliding up to 3600 meters above sea level. Many formulas are also available: all-inclusive ski stays, special family vacation offers, and many more. With regard to family-specific formulas, one can mention its ski school, which offers the learning of this skiing activity as early as three years.

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If the child is not yet ready to stand on ski boards, parents can subscribe him to the “Babysnow”, which gives them the opportunity to get used to sliding and snow. For information, Babysnow is available for children from 1 year old. By the way, those aged five to ten years can drive a mini snowmobile. In addition, the whole family can arrange an excursion with sledding dogs or walks in a horseback sleigh.


When it are family ski resorts, it is difficult not to mention the Karellis resort, or rather the family resort of the Karellis. Indeed, it focuses mainly on welcoming families. To reach it, head to the Maurienne Valley. It has a daycare centre which is free for children from the age of three months.

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A professional can also take care of your children to teach them skiing from the age of four. Different slopes for different ski levels are also available. There is also a playground where you can engage in various other activities.


Avoriaz is another resort whose families are part of their major concern. It offers many Good quality accommodations that are very well suited to families. In addition, the resort of Avoriaz offers nurseries and various clubs that will take care of your toddlers well. Young and old will only be satisfied with their stay here.

Moreover, in this regard, the landscapes of Avoriaz and the atmosphere prevailing there are made so that families can spend a more pleasant winter holiday. Indeed, its architecture is original to say the least. Its streets are also pedestrian. Thus, the use of taxi and other motorized car is not accepted here. We prefer to take a carriage. It should also be noted that Avoriaz is one of the snowy resorts of France: on average it enjoys eight meters of snowfall during the winter periods.

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